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It was in 2003 when, being a great simulator flying buff and an owner of a reasonably large collection of flight simulators, like legendary DID's Retaliator, Spectrum HoloByte's Falcon 3.0 and many more, I became seriously interested in the history of the flight simulation legend – Microsoft Flight Simulator. I decided to cover the development of all of its versions ever released. At that time, however, I did not have the foggiest idea how difficult this task would turn out to be. Microsoft Flight Simulator is not only one of the oldest computer flight simulator, but its whole family is the largest in the world. This website actually IS NOT dedicated to history of flying, IS NOT dedicated to generally all flight simulation programs, like above mentioned. This website IS dedicated to the detailed description of the Microsoft Flight Simulator history. This in fact means that it includes subLOGIC Flight Simulator and few relate add-ons as well. In my opinion, it is necessary to save the information for history. My website started in 2005 and I hope that it will be the most accurate and valuable source of information for you.

My first and at the beginnings also the only source of information was Internet where you can find either masses of files dedicated to individual versions (Apple II FS2, MSFS2) or special websites that try to follow the whole history. You can find either very brief websites or more detailed and its authors come from various countries, for example from Italy, Australia, Italy or a very nice article by Ulrich Klein from Germany. There is also an article about history of Flight Simulator on Wikipedia, the free Internet encyclopedia. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it is not much correct and what more, it is full of great mistakes. There is also Jos Grupping’s website which turned out to be the most comprehensive and accurate source of my first information. However, the website has many gaps in a history. That is why I decided to contribute with my own website and my confirmed information.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator genealogy is fairly well covered from version 3.0 onwards. Nevertheless, earlier versions are much more difficult to track down. Unfortunately, although Internet provides an immense amount of useful information, it is also a source of all conceivable misinformation. To make the matters worse, some erroneous facts are frequently adopted by authors of new articles without proper authentication. For example, they repeatedly claimed, that subLOGIC Flight Simulator 1 for Apple II, the first ever, was released in January 1979 or even in 1978. It is a great mistake!

I compiled the development time line of Microsoft Flight Simulator and the other directly related flight sim products. This is true history.

The development time line of Microsoft Flight Simulator and related family

The family tree of Microsoft Flight Simulator (press the picture to zoom). Details in the history and timeline section.

What more, I also made some movies that describe whole development of Microsoft Flight Simulator from its version 1.00 to the latest 2020 release. There are included Bruce Artwick's issues under his subLOGIC corporation as well.


A short movie that describes some of MSFS 2020 sceneries. Also enjoy the music.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). My other movies that describe whole subLOGIC/Microsoft development history are available on my YouTube channel.

History research

After some time I realized that I would need my own copies of all the versions. This would be the best way how to find out the years of release, facts about authors and graphics. Otherwise, I would always have to face misinformation, errors and inaccuracies. However, it is not easy to get your own copies, particularly very old ones, Japanese editions and special releases. First, it was necessary to determine the actual beginning of the Flight Simulator history, then to sort out its versions and match the computer platforms for which those versions were designed.

Part of my collection

Part of my collection

OK, let‘s begin with some basic facts

There are various flight simulation programs with very similar or even with identical names which have nothing to do with subLOGIC/Microsoft Flight Simulator. For instance, Mind Systems Corporations released AIRSIM-1 Flight Simulator for Apple II in 1981, Psion released in 1982 a game called Flight Simulation for ZX 81 and Flight Simulation for ZX Spectrum. During the years 1982 - 1985 were released few games with exactly the same name Flight Simulator, which HAVE NOTHING to do with subLOGIC's and Microsoft's namesakes. For example Psion's Flight Simulator for Timex Sinclair 1000 (1982), Psion's Flight Simulator for Timex Sinclair 2068 (1983), Artic Computing Flight Simulator for ZX Spectrum (1983), Myrddin Software Flight Simulator for Amstrad CPC (1984) and Microdeal Flight Simulator for Sinclair QL (1985). You can find probably many more similar examples. My website is dedicated to the only Flight Simulator family tree which was started by Bruce Artwick.

Two men of subLOGIC - Bruce Artwick and Stu Moment

Two men of subLOGIC - Bruce Artwick and Stu Moment

The very first version of Flight Simulator 1 was created by Bruce Artwick under his company label subLOGIC. It came out exactly on 31 December 1979 and hit markets in January 1980. It was not in January 1979 as stated Wikipedia and many other sources. The first issues were designed for the Apple II and TRS-80.

subLOGIC Flight Simulator 1 for Apple II

subLOGIC Flight Simulator 1 for Apple II

Later, the same producer released another versions designated with Roman II for Apple II, Commodore 64, Atari (8bit), Atari ST, Amiga, Data General/One. There were also versions for NEC PC-9801, NEC PC-8801, Color Computer 3 and MSX. Simultaneously, Artwick (subLOGIC) also prepared releases designated Flight Simulator 1 for IBM PC, Apple Macintosh and Texas Instruments Professional Computer, Flight Simulator 2 for IBM PC and Tandy 1000/ 1200HD/ 2000. They were released under Microsoft label.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.00 for IBM PC

These parallel releases for such a wide range of computers caused immense chaos. Nevertheless, nowadays it is quite normal that a PC game is created by one company and published by another one. Things got even more confused when Artwick left subLOGIC (late 1988). SubLOGIC with Stu Moment went on producing new flight simulators (for example subLOGIC Flight Assignment: Airline Transport Pilot or subLOGIC Flight Light) and flight simulation related accessories (mentioned elsewhere). It should be pointed out that Artwick then founded a new company BAO and programmed further versions for Microsoft until the end of 1995 when BAO was swallowed by Microsoft for good. Then Bruce Artwick sold all Flight Simulator rights to Microsoft. Microsoft developed Flight Simulator until 2008. In 2009 they sold source code to Lockheed Martin which continues with development of the product called Prepar3D (the first version was issued in 2010). In 2012 Microsoft released Flight, but it was not understood as a successor of Flight Simulator. In 2014 Dovetail Games announced a licensing agreement with Microsoft to distribute Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition and to develop further products based on Microsoft's technology. Dovetail Games released Flight Sim World in 2017, but the project was canceled only a year later. Finally, Microsoft placed a milestone with their MS Flight Simulator (2020). It is a new beginning of FS history!

Microsoft Flight Simulator, released 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.00 (1982)

Few important notes about the research

As I have been flying simulators for a considerable long period, my collection comprises many old and present versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, getting earlier versions as well as versions for other computer platforms was much more difficult. Obviously, they were withdrawn from the market long time ago. Therefore I had to buy them either in eBay, Yahoo!Japan auctions or elsewhere. I spent a fortune!!! Thus, after several years my collection was complete.

Still, there was another problem. Most of the early FS versions were designed for other computers than IBM PC or they were designed for very old IBM PCs with OS DOS, with 5.25 inch floppy drivers. Therefore original computer platforms or their emulators were necessary. The emulators are the computer programs, which can run another programs, also Flight Simulators, created for the other type of computer, for example for Apple II, on some current computer. So, you can run Flight Simulator for Apple II, Amiga or other kind of computer, on your table PC or notebook. You do not need to have the original hardware, which is hard to buy and it is very expensive. It is even possible, with the proper emulator, to run Microsoft Flight Simulator on your mobile phone. BUT! Of course, it is a tricky way to get the old FS running with the emulator. I use mainly DOSBox and MESS for Windows.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.12 for IBM PC subLOGIC Flight Simulator II for Amiga

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 for IBM PC and subLOGIC Flight Simulator II for Amiga running on a mobile phone

At last, I managed to run and evaluate all my packages, and retrieved information. Unfortunately, even though you own genuine media and manuals, you can never be sure about the exact year of release. In some cases the year of copyright does not correspond to the actual year of release. So, I had to use other sources of information as well. Now it is time to present my information to you.

Flight Simulator History Website

My website is here just for you

You can find a brief description of the website news on the right edge or follow the link to the special news page. There are the timelines with subLOGIC/Microsoft Flight Simulator issues, the description of all released box covers, many screenshots of all versions and the scenery disks, there are some detailed pages like the one dedicated to the first ever Flight Simulator and finally I recommend you my complete Microsoft Flight Simulator history movie.


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